Fiona and the Magical Skating Pond
Lany sat curled up on her bedroom rug with Fiona. She finished putting on the fourth headband. “There Fiona, you look splendid.” Fiona rolled her eyes and licked Lany. Lany licked her back. “Lany, you take real good care of me. I was worried that my ears looked out of place today. The headbands do wonders for my appearance,” said Fiona.

“Hey, you two,” said Mom, opening the door. “Who wants to go ice skating?”

“We do!” squealed Lany and barked Fiona.

Lany bounced down the shoveled path with Mom and Fiona at her side. Across the dirt road from their house lie their favorite spot. A circle of large oak trees held hands creating a ring around a frosted pond. It was their skating pond. They always marked their pond by laying in the snow and creating snow angels. Mom created an angel. Lany drew bunny ears in the snow on her angel. She believed that all angels were bunnies. Fiona just rolled in the snow until she looked like a miniature polar bear.

“Smell that air Lany” smiled Mom. The air at the skating pond smelled heavenly. It had a nutty smell from the oak acorns and a sweet smell from the snow and ice that chilled the insides of your nose when you took a big whiff.

Mom was first on the ice. She whipped across the center, spun around, and skated just as fast backwards towards Lany and Fiona. “Come on kiddo, no ice time to lose!” Lany tiptoed onto the slippery surface and grabbed Mom’s big mitten. Off they glided. Ffffot, fffot, fffot was the sound that their blades made as they pushed off of the ice and glided their bodies around the pond.

Fiona ran around the outside of the pond, chasing her gliding girls. Fiona didn’t see the tree stump that was partly covered with snow. She hit it full force and went tumbling onto the ice. “Ooooh, help me Lany,” cried Fiona. Lany and Mom skated to Fiona who lied on the ice like a helpless frog. Mom and Lany pulled Fiona off of the ice and blanketed her with kisses and hugs.

“Oh, Mom, it’s Fiona’s eyes, she didn’t see that tree,” cried Lany. “You’re right Lany, she might not have seen that old stump. But Laney, even if both of her eyes worked, she might have crashed into it.”

“Mom, that’s what I want from Santa. Tell Santa to bring Fiona new eyes.” “Lany, Santa can’t bring Fiona new eyes. She has the eyes that God gave her. She saw everything beautiful in our world and now she has lost her sight in one of her eyes. She still sees us in her other eye, but soon her other eye will not see us.”

“Momma, I am so sad. Fiona is my age. She won’t see us. We will disappear and Fiona will feel lost,” cried Lany. “I don’t like Santa or God anymore. They won’t give Fiona new eyes.”

“Lany, it is okay to be angry at Santa and God, but they love Fiona and want her to have a wonderful life. Fiona will not lose us Lany. When Fiona can’t see anymore, she will still feel and hear us. She will know where she is and that she is loved. Let’s skate and I will show you what I mean.”

Ffffot, fffot, fffot sounded the blades of their skates. “Now Lany keep holding my hand and close your eyes,” whispered Mom. The air was so still that Lany heard her mom’s whisper. She closed her eyes and kept skating. Then she felt herself turning. Mom held Lany’s mittens tightly and the two twirled and twirled and twirled and breathed the cold air.

When they stopped, Mom and Lany opened their eyes and giggled. “Wasn’t that fun Lany,” asked Mom. “Yes, yes, we skated without seeing!” shrieked Lany.

“That we did Lany. We’ve skated this pond many times so we know it in our hearts and in our memories. We could feel and hear our skates on the ice so we were able to twirl without opening our eyes. That’s what Fiona will be able to do. She will be able to do the same things that she does now from memory, her hearing, and from her heart. God gave her those things” said Mom. “And Lany, God gave us this skating pond and Santa gave us our skates!”

“Thank you Mom. I will thank Santa and God in my prayers tonight. Come on Fiona, let’s go home now. We can have cocoa and ginger cookies!”

Mom, Lany and Fiona walked back up the path to their house. Snow began to fall. “Look Mom. Look at our skating pond. The sun is still shining over our pond, but it’s snowing!”

“Lany, it’s Christmas Eve. Our skating pond became a magical one. It has warmed us in the cold. Merry Christmas Fiona and Lany.”


Merry Christmas everyone. Keep seeing life with your hearts.

(For my daughter to help her understand, and for Fiona who will keep seeing life’s beauty with her heart. Thank you Trisha Yearwood.)

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