Fiona meets Zany Lany

Lany saw her new room for the first time. It looked like a magical garden, soft stuff everywhere in purple and green.   A big light hung down from the ceiling with 5 dancing bunnies.  A painting of a funny looking dog talking to a squirrel hung on the wall.   In the corner was a pretty cabinet with an oval mirror. Inside the cabinet, many pretty dresses hung on sparkly beaded hangers. Lany squealed with laughter and delight and ran around her new room. Then she saw something in the cabinet mirror. She stopped on her toes and spun around. There was the funny looking dog from the picture standing in her room.

“Hey ya,” shouted Lany.  “This is my new room!  Who are yooz?” 
“I’m Fiona.  I’m a Bullterrier.  I’ve lived here for a while.  My room is the rest of the house.” 

“Is this you in the picture?” Lany asked Fiona, pointing at the painting on the wall.  

“Yes, isn’t it splendid? Mom hung it in your room to welcome you to our home. While Mom works at the Silly Dilly Tot Spot zoo and Dad reads people’s papers, I’m in charge of you.  I am your Nursery Dog.  I also have a gift spot at the zoo which we can visit often.”

“Hey you two, I see you have met.”  Mom said as she walked into Lany’s room. “How are my girls getting along?” 

Lany ran over to Mom and wrapped her arms around her legs and squeezed.
“Oooh, ooh, blah, blah blah,” she told Mom.  Wonderful! said Mom.

“Fiona, and what do you think about Lany?” asked Mom as she and Lany walked over to Fiona.

Fiona turned to face the cabinet mirror. There in the oval mirror stood Fiona, Lany and Mom. Fiona looked at Lany.  Lany looked like Mom.  Fiona then looked at Mom.  Mom looked like Lany.  Then Fiona looked at herself in the mirror.  Fiona smiled.  Her almond shaped eyes twinkled.  Wow, Fiona thought, I’m adorable, what happened to them?

Fiona barked a smile at Mom.
Lany would fit in here just fine.  

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