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Granola Glam
Hi, my name is Greta. There is nothing like a good mud bath and then sliding your flippers into a pair of bunny flip flops. I am an earth maiden and I love, I mean really love, the yummy, scrumptious offerings of nature. And, I also like sprinkles (a/k/a “jimmies” or “shots” in some parts of the country’s ice cream chat) on top of my nature. Stated another way, I like glam on my granola. Here in my granola glam oasis, I have jewelry for little granola glamerinas and other items, and for the big girlie, I have my favorite handbags and other fun stuff. Have fun granola glam gals!

Big Girlie Glam

Unique Hand-crafted Jewelry including Mother/Daughter Bird Necklace Collection
Vintage Hair Wraps
Fair Trade Knit Handbags, Scarfs & Hats
Felted Wool Handbags
Envirosax Eco-friendly Bags
Velvet Clutches and Bags
Bunny Slippers

Little Girlie Glam

HABA Jewelry, Jewelry Boxes and Purses for Girls
Handcrafted Wooden Musical Jewelry Boxes and Mirrors
Funky Audgie Purses
Crochet Backpacks & Purses

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